Statute of Nikola Zrinski in Gornji Kuršanec

Croatian count, soldier and a poet Nikola Zrinski Čakovečki was killed during hunting in the woods named Kuršanečki lug on November 18th 1664. Historical legacy of the Zrinski family in Međimurje and Čakovec is marked by a statue rasied on November 18th 1994. for Nikola Zrinski. It is placed in the center of Gornji Kuršanec.

Count Nikola Zrinski was born in Čakovec, where he spent most of his life. In genealogy of this influental and powerful family of the Dukes, Nikola was 7th in a raw named by that name. That is why his name is mostly written as Nikola VII Zrinski. Some writings name him Nikola Zrinski younger.

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