Tourist Board of Nedelišće Municipality was established in year 1997. in times when local tourist boards were in rudiments. We recognized an opportunity for us, because Nedelišće Municipality is very atractive environment for life and work. We wanted to put that in the forefront as a pleasant place of residence, education and relaxation. Today it is shown that we have well-designed facilities for tourist life.

We are starters of some of the biggest and most popular events in Međimurje county. Thanksgiving days for the fruits of the earth and Days of crafts and trades, Carnival in Nedelišće, and St. Martin in Nedelišće are recognized in public. Logistically we follow events of other organizers as well because we want to support events which contribute to sonority and good perception of citizens.

Also, we are proud of our Bicycle trail threw Nedelišće Municipality on which we plan to organize more and more programs, even they attract a lot people just now. We want to give more to people from our and neighboor countries. We founded Horvat’s forge as well in Gornji Hrašćan and we see a lot of potential in it. There is a lot of space for education of youngsters and tourism founded on recognizing of our green place of living. We invest a lot of effort in staying clean and green in our enviroment, you can find proof for that in our traditional action More flowers, less garbage. It is carried out every year together with Nedelišće Municipality and many associations and clubs in our villages.

There is still a lot of work in front of us and Tourist Information Office has a great part in it. Since July 2013. the Office works in Maršala Tita 60 street in the center of Nedelišće. This is our point of ideas, programs, actions and projects which will begin to live in our county. You can see what we do and our future plans on our website and you can participate in our programs together with your friends and supporters.

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