Horvat’s Forge in Gornji Hrašćan

Only the rare deal with blacksmith craft today. Their skill is valuable and still needed in rural life and yet we turned Horvat’s forge in Gornji Hrašćan into a tourist attraction. Young and old love visiting it and outdoors classes are also very common at that place. Tourists’ interest for Horvat’s Smithy is constantly increasing.

If at the first glance seems to you that some of that fell into limbo, you should look a little closer, because there is a lot of room to find all these tools and coins in rural everyday life today. Yet, in making souvenirs as well.

At the time, blacksmith coal used for making and keeping fire, blacksmiths produced by themselves. Warming up the iron was helped in bellows powered by foot pressure. Binding, shaping and reshaping of hot iron intrigues the imagination, and how it appears to be in action – we will show you in Horvat’s forge.

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