Church of Holy Trinity in Nedelišće

Name of this parish is mentioned for the first time in 1334. in a list of parishes in the Zagreb Diocese. Actual church was built in 1460., the time when people gathered around the church for religious, social and economic issues of artisans, merchants and entrepreneurs.

In the 17th century church was annexed with today’s nave and tower in the Baroque style, and the most valuable element is 6 meters tall custody – the work of an unknown artist. A sight for itself are the altars of St. Vid and St. Anthony of Padova installed in the middle of 18th century. At the end of the century the altar of Lady of Lourdes was installed, but also a special value has the oldest statue of Lady of Lourdes in Croatia.

In 17th century, social and historical value of the Church of the Holy Trinity was in the fact that it’s activity was associated with scholar development. In year 1912. church was completely renovated. Stained glass made by Josef Palka from Budapest (Hungary) was placed in church, as well as the altar Epiphany. In the same year, “The Last Supper” painting was placed on the harbor between the sanctuary and the nave.

The Church of the Holy Trinity belongs to the parish of the same name and it has Youth unity, Parish Choir and Parish Caritas. The main parish feasts are: Holy Trinity – which is held on Sunday after Pentecost, and Lady of Lourdes – on 11th of February.

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