Church of Blessed V. Mary Visitation in Macinec

Religious public is intrigued by the historic fact that St. Martin’s Church in Macinec was lead by the Templeras in 1334. and today’s Church of Blessed Virgin Mary’s Visitation dates from the year 1878th. The Church is restored and renovated between 2005th to 2013th. It belongs to the parish of Blessed Virgin Mary’s Visitation and the special value inside the church are the pneumatic organ, ordered by artisans Kranjc in Maribor (Slovenia) in 1882nd. They were restored in year 2012.

“A representative and an important example of neo-Gothic architecture and ecclesiastical decoration created almost in one breath during the 19th century” is how Institute of Art History in Zagreb describes that Church. In the whole church equipement, important role have stained-glass windows which were made from 1880th to the end of the First World War. They appeared in the Tiroler Glasmalerei-und Mosaikenanstalt workshop in Innsbruck. From that time until today, 23 stained-glass windows maintained. The shrine from the Gothic era, the wing altars, revives the art of woodcarving and polychromy. Church interior is covered by filigree ornamental paintings of geometric motifs. That goes along with the former church purchasing equipment centers like Graz, Vienna, Budapest, Trident, Innsbruck.

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