Bicycle trails of Nedelišće Municipality

Threw 31,63 kilometeres of trails there are organized biking routes all around Nedelišće Municipality. We equipped the trails in year 2008. as a Tourist Board project. Today, this is one of the most popular meeting points for sportsmen and recrecationists.

Our bicycle trails are connected with Mura-Drava.Bike project (project of Mura-Drava cycling trails financed by IPA Slovenia – Hrvatska, Bicycle trails of Nedelišće Municipality touch our hiking trails and Wine road, Čep woods and artificial lake in Gornji Kuršanec, pond in Črečan and other places for hiking, walking, staying on open air. The whole cycling trail has three shortcuts that make three shorter trails.

The trail starts in the center of Nedelišće, near residence of Tourist Board, Maršala Tita Street 60. We composed navigation maps which can be taken in cafes, restaurants and motels or downloaded from our website